Moments that should never be missed.

Your child can now sit on their own, every parent knows that’s a big moment! At this point you will have realised how fast time flies and how important it is to cherish these moments. At Quick Qlick we have a range of settings to sit your little one down, make sure they’re comfortable and enjoying themselves.

Pre-Consulatation & Advice

Trained Children’s Photographer

Baby Changing Facilities (Must make sure you bring nappies, wipes etc)

Children’s Playful Props

Professional Editing

60 Minute Photoshoot

5 Free Digital Photos

1 Free Print Photo

Gallery of Images to order additional Pictures from

Various Scenes and Background so you have a variety of photos to choose from

Customer Satisfaction

*Advised for Ages 6-9 Months*


This is a great milestone to record in your babies development. An ideal time is when your little one can sit unsupported but is not yet crawling, usually between 6-9 months. At this age they will love interacting and this will create some really unique, gorgeous expressions for me to capture on camera.

Sitter sessions are only intended for the child, both parents can attend the photo shoot or one parent accompanied by a friend or family however will not be included in the photos. Extended family (grandparents, aunties, cousins) can be more unsettling for your baby, especially in a new environment, and are not included as part of your newborn photo shoot. Pets are also not included.

Not at all! It may take a little longer to get those perfect shots but I have photographed many crawling babies for Sitter sessions before and all with great success!

Bright and bold colours can produce some stunning results but colours can also clash so if choosing bright or bold colours please make sure colours compliment each other. Ideally we would suggest pastel colours and plain clothes. If you have any queries as to what to choose please get in touch with us and we can help and guide you further.

You can either come to us for a photoshoot or we can bring our portable studio to you and take pictures in the comfort of your own lavish home. If you would like to arrange an outdoor location please contact us first so we can discuss and arrange.